DJ + VJ vakars // Pachamama Beats

26.10.19 @ 22.00

On 26 October, we will host Pachamama Beats with a multicultural trip in music and visuals on and off the dancefloor. The downstairs dancefloor will be taken care of by DJs Ricci, K’AN and Edgar Essent, and visuals by VJ Daša Ludski, while the second floor will provide a space to relax with a chillout/jam.

22:00 – 00:00: Ricci https://soundcloud.com/ricci-dal-cuore
00:00 – 02:30: K’AN https://soundcloud.com/agnis-leonovics
02:30 – 04:00: Edgar Essent https://soundcloud.com/edgarsessent

ABOUT: Pachamama Beats are regular audiovisual events and the Pachamama Tribe stage at festival Kometa. Pachamama events feature orgnanic-electronic sets by K’AN, the creator of the project, and guest artists from Latvia and aboard offering highlights from the globally thriving multicultural music scene with strong Latin American, Middle Eastern, African and other ethnic flavours. The visual senses are engaged with multi-layered vibrant video projections by the video artist Daša Ludski.

Event cover collage by Liene Leonoviča

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