21.04.2019   16:00

Second-Hand is our Haulternative // izstādes atklāšana

Clothing is our skin through which we present ourselves to the outside world. It tells how we feel, what we do in life, what is our interests, our character. It’s part of who we are! Exhibition “Second_Hand is our Haulternative” shows many people from many countries around the globe and their passion for their favorite clothes.... Vairāk
23.04.2019   17:00

Future of Fashion

New technologies, sustainability concerns, and innovative minds are transforming our clothes. We care about what’s next because we want to understand the needs of the future. 18:00-19:00 Panel “Future of Fashion” 19:30-20:30 movie screen “The Next Black” Our guests: ZĪLE, Otrā Elpa, Ralfs Banders, Head of Fashion... Vairāk
24.04.2019   21:00

DJ vakars // AG

AG is a frequent guest in our party nights. Vinyl magic disco, that’s a promise form AG, and the always are truly magic!
25.04.2019   15:00

Fashion Mini Statements // workshop

Will you find a Mini Fashion Statement in your pocket this AprilJoin our workshop to make fashion statements that inspire others to look for beauty and that extends beyond the garment. The finished scrolls, tied with a pretty bow and featuring an invitation to “please open me”, a smiley face and a kiss, can then be ‘shop-dropped’ into... Vairāk
26.04.2019   19:00

Idus Abra & Coronabeats – TRIPS EP prezentācijas koncerts.

ABRA ☵ EP ☵ PREZENTĀCIJAS KONCERTS Idus Abra (saīsinot “Abra”) ir reperis, brīvrunātājs, kurš aktīvi uzsācis darbību no 2014. gada, piedalījies un uzvarējis vairākās brīvrunu cīņās un sacensībās. Ghetto Games rīkoto brīvrunu sacensību “Štuka par bazaru” 2017. gada laureāts. Abra ir uzstājies vairākos... Vairāk
26.04.2019   17:00

Kino Augusts // Riga (Take 1)

Riga, Latvia. Four women: Elita, a passioned actress, Elina – her daughter, Iveta, a tourist guide and Paulina, a teenage ballet dancer. All of them are in love and going through strong emotions. A free-style composition about passion and arts, a visually stunning cinematic jazz partition. Director: Siegfried aka Sig, FR/LV 2017,... Vairāk
29.04.2019   18:00

Let’s talk about Europe: Maastricht Debate

On the 29th of April at 20:00 Latvian time, four representatives of European political parties will meet in the University of Maastricht for the second ever live debate between official candidates for the post of president of the European Commission: ⭐ Bas Eickhout of the European Green Party ⭐ Frans Timmermans of the Party of European... Vairāk
30.04.2019   14:00

Džeza diena // meistarklase & jam session

In 2011 UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. Nowadays Latvian musical environment offers a wide range of possibilities for developing qualitative product and bringing it to the world market. There are many high-level jazz... Vairāk
14.05.2019   21:00

Projection Eating Pineapples on the Moon

Join us for a projection of shortlisted works from the festival’s open call under the theme “Eating Pineapples on the Moon”. This event is part of Riga Photomonth 2019 opening week programme. Participants: Ada Zielinska (Poland) Alfonso De Gregorio (Italy/UAE) Anastasiia Nekypila (Ukraine) Andrii Dostliev (Ukraine/Poland) Anika... Vairāk
26.05.2019   16:30

Plakātu darbnīca klimata politikas atbalsta mītiņam pie Saeimas

Each of us will have a chance to make their own poster for the rally for climate politics and discuss ideas for the creation of posters. Cardboards and markers for the artwork will be there. Working together with others more fun! Link to the event below. Join our youth and student support rally for climate politics! We will gather on 30th May at... Vairāk
27.09.2019   19:00

Comedy Latvia: English Comedy Night ft John McCombs (USA)

****SPECIAL SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW!**** Comedy Latvia is proud to be presenting International Stand Up Comedy and our guest in September is a friend of ours, American John McCombs JOHN MCCOMBS – THE ILLEGAL AMERICAN COMEDY TOUR The Illegal American Comedy Tour takes you on a journey that will point out the absurdities of modern society from... Vairāk