More about us

Kaņepes Culture centre’s aim is to provide a regular and versatile cultural programme to a wide audience, as well as encourage the emergence of new and creative ideas, provide space for the experiments of young artists, musicians, writers and other creative souls. It is a popular place of recreation and entertainment, a platform for all kinds of events and experiments, conversations, impulses of change and freedom of thought.

Another important aim is to renovate the beautiful building on Skolas 15 by preserving its historical and cultural values and returning Riga and its people a publicly accessible cultural oasis in right in the heart of the city.

The building of Kaņepes Culture centre is more than one hundred years old. A long time ago Baltic German and Russian aristocrats held social events in the house. During the first Independence, the house was dominated by bohème. Later on, voices of students of the Art Academy of Latvia and instruments played by pupils of Jazeps Medins Music school filled the rooms and corridors. The building was abandoned for some time, and then Kanepes Kulturas centrs inhabited it.

Code of Conduct

KKc is open to different people, ideas and opinions, as long as these people, ideas and opinions do not compromise somebody else’s freedom. In order to make that happen, we invite our staff, artists, visitors, friends and partners to observe this code of conduct:

  • We treat one another and this house with respect

That means that phrases like thank you, please, hello and good-bye go a long way. That means that we take care of the house and the things in it.

  • We are practicing a here and now approach

That means that we respect the artists and other audience members by leaving our conversations, phone signals and bright screens or flashes outside the event spaces and the dance floor.

  • We set clear boundaries

That means that everyone can choose, whether they want to talk, dance, interact with others or be with themselves. That means that everyone can set their own boundaries that nobody is to trespass. That means that No is No and only Yes is Yes.

That means that certain behaviours (like harassment, discrimination, violent speech or violence in general) has no place in house (as it should not be elsewhere) and will not be tolerated.

That means that our staff keeps the right to decide when and whom to serve or not.

  • We are the Code of Conduct

That means that we are all in this together – visitors, staff, artists, friends and acquaintances and there are no VIP passes out of it. That means that we invite everyone to make sure this Code of Conduct is something we live by. Is somebody trespassing your boundaries? Say no, ask others for assistance, tell the staff. You see that someone else’s boundaries are trespassed by someone? Assess, whether you could get involved and change that. If you cannot, tell the staff.

  • We are for an amazing time and experiences here

That means that having a good time here is our ultimate goal, yet this is only possible, if we all take responsibility for our own wellbeing and fun and our behaviours that can influence someone else’s wellbeing and fun.