Community Fridge

“Kopienas Skapis” (or Community fridge) shall become a symbol to save food and to stop it from becoming waste. Its existence is communal, sustainable and valuing. The motivation to set up this non-commercial private food “trading point” follows the premise and belief that there is no overproduction of food but an unstable balance of food “owners”. It is an initiative committed to fighting food waste – starting from private households. It brings together food-saviours, who share not only their food but also their commitment to sustainable environmental and consumption goals. Instead of throwing unwanted or -needed food away, everyone is welcome to use it rather than waste. Within this, Kopienas Skapis follows the motto: sharing is caring! Caring for people in a need for food, caring for a fair consumption relation and caring for maintaining food as an available resource to people.  This fridge is open to everyone: take what you need and leave what you don’t. As a place for food sharing it is free of any charge, non-commercial, independent and free of advertising.

“Kopienas skapis” opened for public December 19, 2019.

 You can bring your food here and take it with you for free. It is easily reachable and visible. “Kopienas skapis” is accessible every day from 12 pm until our closing time, and it’s located on the KKc terrace. The usage rules and hygiene regulations of the community cupboard must be respected. 

Kopienas Skapis enables food to be shared within a community without charge. Anyone can put food in and out. It is a space that enables people to not only donate but also to take leftover food. Within this it is a sustainable win-win situation and a marker to an end of food waste. It is necessary to make a clear commitment against food and resource waste and for sustainability in environmental and consumer policy matters. #kkcskapis #kopienasskapis

GIVE FOOD: Your holiday starts tomorrow but your fridge is still full? Yesterday’s party ended with a lot of leftovers? You have a big garden full of baby tomatoes? Your homemade jam is too good to be enjoyed all alone? The new bread, after all, doesn’t fit your taste? In general, you just don’t want to throw away food that is still good?

TAKE FOOD: You are on your way home but you need some cheese for your dinner? The supermarkets are already closed but you will need some bread for breakfast? You want to bake a cake and just need than one egg? Check out Kopienas Skapis and use what is too good to become waste!

Food-savers are gathering here, who share not only their food but also their commitment to sustainable environmental and consumption goals. Everyone who comes here supports the most basic of human resources – food, from being discarded / disposed. The existence of Kopienas Skapis is sustainable and valuing and its usage communal and non-commercial. 


Kopienas Skapis project came into realisation thanks to and supported by Darbnīcu parks, Repair Cafe Riga.

The project Kopienas skapis was financed with the support of European Commission’s European Solidarity Corps administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.