September 26, 2017
Before taking a little pause  #kkchumans will introduce you to the part of KKc c…

Before taking a little pause #kkchumans will introduce you to the part of KKc cleaning team – Reinis. He lives in his own world constructed from theories, philosophy and comic books. We offer you to have a glimpse into his world:

I come to KKc just for work and some communication. I don’t have any special opinion about the people here – they are people just like anywhere else. And they are definitely not bad ones. I never come to KKc to party or to listen to a concert; I’m an introvert, so my life mostly happens inside my head. For me the concert is less fun than a job – I don’t belong there.

I like to sleep a lot, read books, watch movies, sometimes I write something or draw comics. I fell in love with comic books when I was four or five years old. My first book was Donald Duck stories although my mom thought it’s too commercial. Maybe partly my mom was right, but also Donald Duck is quite interesting and full of references that you would never expect to find there.

I had an idea once to draw the largest and sickest comic in the world that would fill up the skyscraper. It would be enormous in size and full of ideas – graphic novel about everything. I thought it can start with a guy on a train, which goes inside his head and reveals different things. It would be full of science and philosophy. But you should be careful with ideas since you have one – do it, otherwise, it slowly disappears and crumbles upon itself. Same happened to my comic idea so I’m not sure it will ever be done.

I’m totally disappointed in our education system. I went to art school in Liepāja, I wanted to become an artist and do something really cool. But it turned out to be extremely boring, no creative concepts there. I got into deep depression after it. In Rīga, I tried to study art history and theology. Once I was in Daugavpils, there are a lot of churches, and while passing by one of them I heard a beautiful voice coming from inside – very alien, like an angel. So then I got an idea that I want to study theology. Though I’m not really a believer, the course was quite interesting focusing on the skill to talk about God without actual ability to comprehend his divinity. I tend to believe in hell without a paradise. Our consciousness remains buried in the ground or in ashes of our bodies so we can rethink our existence which is quite horrifying.

I don’t like traveling. You can’t run from yourself so what’s the point? Though I would like to go to the Easter Island, just sit in the shadow of statues and read books.

If I could be any object in the world I would like to be the moon. I’m sure it’s nice to be the moon. It’s somewhere up in the universe; it’s also kind of useless but still blocks out the sun.


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