The building of Kaņepes Cultural Center is more than 100 years old and covers some rather interesting history. At first, this building was hosted with high-class events by the Baltic German and Russian aristocrats, then it endured some bohemian parties but later was inhabited by students of the Academy of Art and Jāzeps Mediņš Music School. Before KKC inhabited these walls and floors, and basically gave it a second breath, it was abandoned and uninhabited for several years. For now, our mission is preserving its historical and substantive values, all the while donating to Riga and its inhabitants a public and available cultural oasis in the city center.

Currently, the facade of the building is restored. Yet the most urgent need is to arrange and strengthen the wooden building that is not yet available to the guests of KKC. It’s located on the back of the house and is in a state of emergency. It cannot be exploited, so the entire building cannot be used to the fullest. That part of the building is scheduled to be put into action in 2019, and thus, with a positive outcome, the cultural center will have more space for organizing events. Also, all roofing is in very poor condition and constructions of the house is in need of repairing. We also want to restore the attic, and create a new platform up there – an activist school where people of all ages can learn from the cultural and social field and engage in processes to make changes in society, city or municipality.

We are actively looking for funding and are open to various support or cooperation opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur, businessman (or woman), a human or a good person, we would be happy to tell you more.

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